What is UNeTech, jointly?
April 26, 2021

The University of Nebraska Omaha and the University of Nebraska Medical Center only have one state-sponsored research institute shared between them. A joint project, the UNeTech Institute is the brainchild of two diverse campuses. It belongs as much to the innovative surgeon as it does to the entrepreneurial business student. It is an incubator for the ideas that come from the full range of human discovery: from the data miners at the Peter Kiewit Institute to the genetic explorers in the Buffett Cancer Center.

But it has to be more.

UNeTech exists to translate brilliant ideas into vital products. Invention is just a first essential step. For the rest, UNeTech is going to need a lot of help.

Partners like Metropolitan Community College have opened the doors to their amazing facilities. Their students, working under the EDA-funded economic development grants, build prototypes with inventors from UNMC. Their relentless solutions and skilled use of 21st century-technology build prototypes that are the future of healthcare.

Entrepreneurs from across the city partner with UNeTech to turn an interesting idea into a valuable company. Working closely with the Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Franchising—and its newly formed student Bullpen—they go to market, get investment, or otherwise get to business. Whether a startup veteran or someone making a career change, any willing entrepreneur can benefit from the Bullpen and build a business that will live up to the potential of brilliant innovation.

Investors, wanting to bet on Nebraska’s upside, work with UNeTech to get more than their money’s worth. Investing in their communities, supporting their institutions, educating their future leaders and supporting vital new technologies: UNeTech attracts the smartest of the smart money. There are no better returns on any investment than a strong and thriving community and UNeTech is the nexus where Nebraska innovation, managed by Nebraska entrepreneurs, return Nebraska investment for the benefit of Nebraska.

So what is UNeTech? UNeTech is a joint research institute between so many partners. It is a space where commerce and invention build a durable, sustainable, accessible, and accountable future. UNeTech is a commitment: innovation and entrepreneurship can build a better future for us all.

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