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Revolutionary Treadmill

An intuitive, self-pacing treadmill has been envisioned as part of the future of fitness for decades. Omaha researchers first invented the Impower treadmill to assist people who were in rehabilitation from a stroke, as keeping pace became much more difficult when one side of the body doesn’t move at the same speed.

They soon realized that the treadmill had potential outside of injury recovery and rehabilitation. Optical sensors analyze the pace of a runner, setting the stage for a revolution in treadmill technology.


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Doug Miller

CEO & Founder

Doug has spent his career in technology and fitness, leading product and strategy teams for companies like Life Fitness and Motorola. His unique blend of experience includes product definition and development, solution engineering, business development, and product distribution. It has proven to be invaluable in defining and launching new product concepts and business models to achieve customer success.

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Nathan Preheim

Board of Directors

Nathan is best known for co‐founding MindMixer, a civic engagement startup that quickly scaled from 0 customers to nearly 1,000 in just two years. MindMixer now employs more than 75 employees across the Midwest. Nathan has a Bachelor of Science in management information systems from the Peter Kiewit Institute of Information Science and Technology, a graduate degree from UNO in urban planning, and is a former Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach product manager.

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Joe Runge, JD, MS

Associate Director

Joe Runge is the first person you’ll meet at UNeTech Institute. Joe leverages his relationships with the medical and startup communities to promote the great work we do and to coordinate our efforts with our invaluable partners. Joe works closely with university leaders to generate support for the joint partnership between UNMC and UNO that is UNeTech.

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Mike Edwards

Technical Advisor

Technical Director at Advanced Systems Group / Power Products at Brunswick Corp.

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Lourans Aoraha

Technical Advisor

Managing Director, Product Design & Introduction



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