The Maverick Technology Venture Alliance (MTVA) is a student-led business strategy program. Under the supervision of the University of Nebraska Omaha’s Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Franchising, the MTVA builds business strategies for inventions from the faculty and staff of the University of Nebraska Omaha and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Students work with inventors to conduct a wide variety of business analyses. Inspired by cutting-edge research, students apply entrepreneurship theory to the latest inventions resulting from research across two campuses. In collaborative teams, business students, medical students, and university inventors translate their discoveries into companies that can bring products to market.  

The MTVA publishes reports that help define the startup that *could* be. It is an organization where students help inventors find the business that will bring their invention to market. If you know any investors, entrepreneurs or future-loving professionals tell them to watch this space for future MTVA reports.

Student Testimonies

“I love that MTVA is a student-led alliance. Our student analysts are from all over the world. MTVA provides great chances for student analysts to connect with entrepreneurs, and inventors to explore business opportunities. It is a community that makes us learn and grow.”

Yansi Liao

MTVA Leader

“I love being a member of MTVA because it allows me to work with like-minded people who share my passion for innovation and technology, and I really enjoy hearing about inventors and entrepreneurs creating inspiring and memorable experiences.”

Weihan Weng

MTVA Analyst

“My role as a Senior Venture Analyst with the MTVA gave me a great opportunity to lead a group of student analysts and to work with clients in the pursuit of helping inventors turn their products into viable startup businesses. In my time with the MTVA I gained valuable experience participating in and directing client meetings, setting and meeting project deadlines, and coordinating a team of analysts to complete projects. The MTVA was invaluable in aiding my development in client interactions, leadership, and teamwork.”

Jim Brennan

Economist, Department of Revenue and former MTVA Senior Venture Analyst



Entrepreneurship is a collaborative process

Entrepreneurship is a collaborative process

Entrepreneurship is a collaborative process. I love that. It can fail for so many reasons: the invention doesn’t work, there isn’t adequate intellectual property protection, or no one is willing to buy it. Coming from a university brimming with technical experts, I’ve...

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