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UNeTech partners with the next generation of business leaders to leverage the discoveries of brilliant faculty into vital startups.


UNeTech adds value by answering questions. From building a prototype to opening a business, UNeTech uses the wisdom of the Omaha campuses of the University of Nebraska to find the best way.


We all love the tortured genius, but it is way easier to work with a positive teammate. UNeTech builds positive teams of scientists, entrepreneurs and other professionals around compelling startup projects.

Ready to be part of UNeTech?


Wait, what is UNeTech really?

UNeTech is a state- and grant-supported translational research institute. We provide funding for projects that fall between basic science research grants and private investment – often called the valley of death.

Ok, but who does UNeTech actually work with?

UNetech works with inventors and entrepreneurs. Our primary mission is to use the world class research of UNMC and the UNO to add value to startups. We have partners who are tenured professors, community physicians and entrepreneurs in Omaha and across the globe. Through our blog, you will see the diverse partners we work with. 

Sounds neat, but what's in it for you?

UNeTech likes to select projects for which it can be an initial investor. We can then support the work of the University of Nebraska in return for an investment in a startup for the value of that research.

How do I know my project is something UNeTech can help with?

UNeTech can assist on any technical matter that someone at the University of Nebraska Omaha or University of Nebraska Medical Center is engaged in meaningful research – it’s pretty hard to find something we can’t help you with.

I'm a faculty member with a billion dollar idea that wants to start a company, where do I start?

UNeTech has a long track record working with faculty to finding a role in building a startup. From support for SBIR/STTR to customer discovery/customer development to entrepreneurial matchmaking to build that perfect team.