Finding the Perfect Mentor
December 9, 2020

Chef Auguste Gusteau from “Ratatouille” said the wise words, “Anyone can cook,” and the same mentality applies to mentorship. Anyone can be a mentor.

We’ve all hit a point in our life where we aren’t sure where to go next. It could be in a career path, schoolwork, or life in general. Mentorships is an excellent way to get through those moments. Mentors can be utilized in any situation, even if it’s something as simple as setting a goal.

Dr. Jenna Yentes, a biomechanics scientist and professor at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, shared some of her advice when it comes to mentors. She spoke about the way some of her personal mentors impacted her, helped accelerate her career, and drove her to think about science in a new light.

“There can be mentors that don’t look like you . . . you can find mentoring in many people,” Dr. Yentes said. “There were peer mentors that were the same level that I was. Having someone who was living that experience at the same time was really important.”

You don’t have to hold a doctorate in your field to mentor someone. Everyone interprets life in a different way, giving people unique experiences and guidance to share. Mentors can be helpful through every step of life, regardless of the subject.

While anyone can be a mentor, it’s crucial to find one that fits with you personally. Dr. Yentes spoke about the importance of finding mentors with different views from your own. Learning the different ideas and reactions can help you decide what works best for you. She touched on what to look out for, as well.

“Avoid a mentor that wants you to be just like them or gets upset if you don’t take their advice,” she said. “They’re not living your life.”

Dr. Yentes gave one final piece of guidance. The advice she gave is to not take other people’s advice. Absorb what they say, think about if it really applies to you and your journey. Take the recommendations and make it fit your life.

If you find yourself stuck, mentorship could be an option to get through whatever it is holding you back. Between the advice from Dr. Yentes and Chef Auguste Gusteau, you’ll be able to find the perfect mentor for you.





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