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Using the world-class research of UNMC
and UNO to add value to startups.

UNeTech is an entrepreneurial support organization,
jointly supported by UNO and UNMC.

We exist to connect...


Currently most of our inventions
come from UNMC’s IP portfolio managed by UNeMed.


We seek support from investors
locally and nationally.


We seek entrepreneurs locally
and nationally with a goal of finding entrepreneurs from historically
excluded communities.

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Center for Advanced & Emerging Technology

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Meet our notable partner, NeVRNER!

Nebraska VR Network for Education & Research (NeVRNER) serves as a unique platform for faculty and staff to get together and discuss how to use technology - virtual reality and simulation - to advance medical education and research, and help students or trainees to maximize their learning experience.

Opportunity Corps

Opportunity Corps is a grant-supported educational program for potential entrepreneurs and inventors facing specific barriers to entry.

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Microwash joins UNeTech Incubator

Microwash joins UNeTech Incubator

COVID-19 left so many scars---deaths in the global millions, a legacy of economic upheaval, long COVID, and a lingering sense of vulnerability. There is just no going back to the way things were. Worse still is a realization that the world likely never was as safe as...

Every good startup needs a heist team

Every good startup needs a heist team

I’m a huge fan of heist movies. I love watching the crew come together, the ridiculously overwrought plan, and then watching everyone improvise as it all goes wrong. What’s more rewarding than seeing a quirky group of specialists overcome a series of challenges to...

UNeTech Launches Website Redesign

UNeTech Launches Website Redesign

The UNeTech Institute is pleased to launch its new website, with the support of Wendy Biernbaum from the The Small e, student intern Blair Osika from Metropolitan Community College, and Jeffrey Sterup from UNMC IT Development & Software.The need for the relaunch...

Ready To Collaborate?

UNeTech can assist on any technical matter when someone at the University of Nebraska Omaha or University of Nebraska Medical Center is engaged in meaningful research – it’s pretty hard to find something we can’t help you with!