UNeTech hires new administrative projects associate
September 10, 2021

Krystal Fox, administrative projects associate

When UNeTech posted its administrative projects associate role, nearly 30 candidates made it through the HR screening and landed on the desk of UNeTech entrepreneur in residence Stephen Hug. Hug and his colleagues had the difficult task of interviewing numerous qualified candidates before Omahan Krystal Fox impressed them in her interview. Fox, who was serving as a business analyst in the credit services administration at Fiserv (formerly First Data) connected with Hug instantly. He worked at First Data for 27 years and knows they are a team of fintech professionals with a reputation for excellence. She was a natural fit the role at UNeTech.

“Krystal brings a wealth of experience in customer service and operations management,” Hug said. “Her versatile skills and energy will help to advance UNeTech startup programs and companies. The entrepreneurial environment of Fiserv is a brilliant training ground; they provide continual opportunities for growth and development.”

UNeTech associate director Joe Runge agreed. “Krystal’s meticulous organizational skills will bring more discipline UNeTech’s processes,” Runge said. “That, combined with her professional flexibility and intellectual curiosity, will cultivate an entrepreneurial culture to connect two campuses to a broader creative community.”

Fox’s other professional experience also lends to her easy transition to her new role. “I started my career after college by volunteering with a political campaign and working in volunteer recruitment and management,” Fox said. “This experience set me on a path of focusing on people management and customer experience that I have loved as I have developed.” Fox also said her most recent role at Fiserv allowed her to “focus on creating a smooth and efficient client experience that met the fast-paced demands of the financial world. I was able to build and strengthen my skills in effective project management and communication in order to meet the needs of my client and my company.”

But after working in the corporate world, Fox said she was ready for a change to something different. “I was interested in this role both because of the mission of the organization and also because it will allow me to utilize my skills for organizing and building infrastructure to support that mission. I’m also excited for the opportunity to learn from the amazing people here already.”

The administrative projects associate role is a brand new one, and it was created with someone like Fox in mind, according to UNeTech associate director Joe Runge. Fox will spend time with all of UNeTech’s teams, providing support as needed. “UNeTech administers grants, manages investment opportunities and supports the innovation across two campuses,” said Runge. “Krystal will administer UNeTech and strengthen every program that we touch.”

All of that works out just fine for Fox. “I’m excited to be working for a company that focuses on innovation that will positively impact the Omaha community,” Fox said. “I want to be able to help bolster the mission in any way possible. I am really looking forward to becoming a part of this team and helping everyone succeed.”

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