UNeTech Launches Website Redesign
June 3, 2022

The UNeTech Institute is pleased to launch its new website, with the support of Wendy Biernbaum from the The Small e, student intern Blair Osika from Metropolitan Community College, and Jeffrey Sterup from UNMC IT Development & Software.

UNeTech logo

The need for the relaunch began when Biernbaum created a new logo and branding package for UNeTech last year, establishing a new series of brand colors above and beyond the original red, white and black reflected in UNeTech’s original website.

Additionally, when Community Outreach Coordinator Jennifer Pool was hired in 2021, she guided UNeTech through a series of strategic planning workshops to establish a mission, vision and core values, all of which needed to be shared on the website.

Finally, the overall staff quadrupled in size since the original website was created.

UNeTech’s new website features its new logo and branding package, as well as information about mission, vision, values. It also provides photographs and biographies about all staff members. There are pages to highlight all the businesses in the incubator, as well as pages that list community partners. And finally, UNeTech’s community programs are featured prominently so visitors may better understand how the organization partners with other organizations to provide programming for community members.

UNeTech is grateful for all its partners who helped to create this new website. It is reflective of the collaborative spirit of UNeTech, and the focus on community entrepreneurship UNeTech will have moving forward.

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