Why is the Adept smart, valuable and effective?
October 7, 2021

The following article was written by Dr. Joseph Siu, inventor of The Adept and associate professor & director of the Global Health Opportunity Program.

Dr. Carl Nelson

With a team of experienced engineers, Dr. Carl Nelson, Dr. Hesham Ali and human learning scientist, Dr. Joseph Siu, behind it, the Adept has been carefully designed with many improvements and supports by science. The Adept is a portable simulation trainer for learning basic surgical skills. Many research studies have been conducted with the Adept to ensure the usefulness and effectiveness with human testing. Our team that made the Adept ensured it is smart, valuable, and effective, representing the current training environment and needs.


Dr. Hesham Ali

The innovative design makes the Adept smart. The Adept captures learning progression, determines the level of trainees and provides follow-up training recommendations. The Adept innovatively uses computer programming to capture learning patterns by creating network of learning. The network will identify which trainees are behind. To design the Adept, we are not just developing the physical training environment, but also consider the whole training experience with assessment.


The portability and low-cost design make the Adept unique and valuable. The Adept is placed in a portable case and allows trainees to practice their skills whenever and wherever they prefer by just connecting a laptop with internet. Time and location are no longer a limit. The Adept can track the performance and provide different training schedules to shorten training time. It also provides different training tasks to increase learning experience. It makes self-paced medical training possible.

Dr. Joseph Siu


The Adept is effective. The training tasks can be changed based on the pace of learning. It can be modified with the need of trainees. The performance results after using the Adept are similar with the testing environment and trainer in the laparoscopic surgical field. Training with the Adept is as effective as using other systems.

The Adept is the full package of future training for surgical skills learning. The Adept is smart, valuable, and effective. Every medical trainee should have one nearby!


**Thanks to UNeMed and Charlie Litton for this video.**

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