Lincoln esthetician aims to revolutionize eyelash extensions
September 28, 2021

If you have ever had eyelash extensions, you know the feeling of opening your eyes after the hours long process and being met with bright red, burning eyeballs to accompany your beautiful new lashes.

Christopher Fiala, a licensed esthetician, knows these struggles all too well.

“After I graduated, the first job I accepted was doing eyelash extensions,” Fiala said. “I just realized that, throughout the process, there were a lot of different pain points for the client and the lash artist themselves.”

Christopher Fiala, founder of Full Fill Lashes

For a full set of lashes, the entire procedure can take over two hours. Lash artists must be incredibly precise and focused as they strategically place individual lashes of different lengths, colors, curls, and diameters on the lash line, creating looks from natural to dramatic. Artists are susceptible to hand cramping and a loss of focus after such a long process.

For the recipient, the adhesives used to apply the lashes can irritate the eyeballs and cause allergic reactions in severe cases.

In response to the concerns that he noticed throughout the years, Fiala began thinking about how he could change the industry to make it easier for artists and more enjoyable for clients.

“My ultimate goal is really to disrupt and revolutionize the eyelash extension industry by developing new technologies,” he said. “I know that, if done right, it is possible to eliminate a lot of the pain points that clients and artists notice.”

Fiala founded Full Fill Lashes, one of the newest businesses in the UNeTech family, in his quest to change the eyelash extensions process for the better. The device that he is currently developing and testing would automate the process of applying the lashes to the lash line. It is a motorized handheld device that Fiala says automates the tedious task of placing eyelashes individually.

“I’m hoping that it will significantly decrease the time spent doing the procedure,” Fiala said.

Though Fiala is in the beginning stages of development, he is confident in his product. He is currently working with the UNO Biomechanics Lab to develop a prototype and begin testing. As he continues to develop his business plan, he wants to be sure to get input from estheticians and lash artists around the community and the country.

I, as a client, will look forward to a shorter, easier lash extension process in the future. Estheticians will be excited about the potential to maximize the number of clients they can fit in their schedule and a much simpler process.

“I am really excited to keep developing the product and get feedback from other estheticians,” Fiala said. “I love what I do, and I want to make the lives of others in my field just a little bit easier.”

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