Precision Syringe impresses PA at medical spa

When Donny Suh invented the Precision Syringe, he intended the device to assist him with injecting precise amounts of medicine around the eyeballs of small children. His thought was that children can be squirmy as patients, and he needed one hand to steady them and the other to inject the medication.

The invention made its way to UNeTech Institute and we saw additional potential for it outside of just optometry, ophthalmology, or even ophthalmologic surgery. The full scope of its application is beyond even our fevered imaginations – and we need your help to discover the myriad of uses for this amazing device.

No wrong answers.

For example, a recent interview with a Physician Associate at a medical spa helped identify specific uses for the Precision Syringe. UNeTech asked her if it would be useful for Botox – she found a better one.

“This is a great filler syringe,” she said. “I have tried a million and there is nothing like this on the market. I can’t get anything like this.” What she liked about our unique product is the ability to fill the syringe from the top and the use of the thumb guide. “It’s very sturdy and the mechanism is cool,” she said.

It left us wondering – where else could a Precision Syringe improve healthcare? Would other dermatological professionals see similar use for fillers? What other interesting uses haven’t we thought of?

Do you work with fillers? Want to try the Precision Syringe on a piece of fruit? We’d love to drop by your clinic so you can check this out. See if you agree with our Physician Associate! Call us at (402) 559-1706 or email and we will drop by some samples for you.

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