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Courtney’s Corner: One College Grad’s Deep Dive into Startup Jobs
December 17, 2020

Going out into the real world after graduation is a huge step. Most of us find ourselves in the “Well, what now?” position, trying to figure out how to navigate life and find a career path. I’m one of those people.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Courtney, and I’m a fresh college graduate from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. I now hold a degree in journalism and media communications. I’m also an intern here at UNeTech. As the realization of joining the real world sets in, I’ve found myself questioning what direction I want to go in.

The world of communications is a big one, full of opportunities. Throughout college I’ve found subjects I’m more interested in than others. Social media management, copywriting, graphic design, and videography all stand out to me. But how do I dip my toes into all these different areas when it’s already time to find a big-girl job?

Job searching comes with a lot of emotions. For some, it’s stressful and exhausting. For others, it’s exciting and enjoyable. For me, it’s somewhere in between. It can be overwhelming to browse job listings, trying to decide what I would be best suited for. It’s also exciting, though. I love the feeling of finding a job post that fits what I’m searching for. It’s overwhelming in a good way, like if you ordered two pancakes and the server came out with a stack of ten. It’s a lot, but I’m definitely not mad about it. I’m thrilled to find a job that I love.

Thanks to my position at UNeTech, I get the chance to talk to people from every walk of life. I will take that opportunity to learn more about different jobs and how they contribute to startups. I will write blog posts about those jobs and how they help form a successful team. I won’t only be discussing communications work; there will be a little bit of everything. Jobs that aren’t so common, maybe ones that I’ve never even heard of, will be included. Our world is ever evolving with new things like technology; therefore, job positions are as well.

I’m excited to learn more about startups and all the team members it requires to get it off the ground. Not only am I excited to learn, I’m excited to share my knowledge with you. Whether you’re trying to figure out a career path or an entrepreneur researching the perfect team, there will be something for you!

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