Welcome to UNeTech
August 21, 2020

We are so happy to welcome you to the all-new unetech.org and our ongoing blog. The blog will feature stories about the first shared research institute between the University of Nebraska Omaha and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Did you know that UNeTech is a recipient of a multimillion-dollar EDA grant to build a medical technology entrepreneurship center in Omaha?  For the last year, UNeTech has coordinated the efforts of UNO, UNMC, Metropolitan Community College and the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s Startup Collaborative. This collaboration has produced stories of Metro students working with doctors to build prototypes, UNO faculty building web platforms to enable remote surgical education, and the Startup Collaborative identifying entrepreneurs to lead companies to bring great ideas to market. UNeTech.org will tell the story of an entire city coming together to produce one thing: exciting technology startups that will grow Omaha’s local economy.

Did you know that UNeTech runs Omaha’s university technology incubator? This place is busting at the seams with new technologies powering charismatic ventures.  UNeTech.org will tell the stories of the inventors, entrepreneurs and the unknown financial, legal and technical professionals that make it possible for the next big thing to grow. So, get ready for remote monitoring, at-home diagnostic testing, medical education – all grown in Omaha.

Did you know that UNeTech is joining a regional coalition to promote technology startups? In partnership with the Kauffman Foundation, UNeTech is working with universities throughout Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska to promote technology entrepreneurship. UNeTech.org will tell stories of the amazing startup ideas to be had in the heartland and the hubs of entrepreneurship building around our Midwestern universities.

So. Much. To talk about.

This blog will be updated regularly – not just by UNeTech staff – but also by community members talking about what they are passionate about and how it relates to all things Omaha, startups and entrepreneurship. Be sure to hit subscribe to keep up with UNeTech. This blog aspires to build a community of entrepreneurs, inventors and startup enthusiasts worldwide. Be sure to sign up to let us know your interests.


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