Strategic planning: Are we there yet?
August 21, 2020
Have you ever dreamed of going on vacation with your family or friends and roaming aimlessly without a plan or destination, like bicycling through Europe? For some folks, this type of vacation would be an adventure. For others, this could be chaotic and stressful, and they may prefer the joy of an organized vacation tour with an itinerary and reservations.

Strategic planning for businesses can be similar to planning a vacation.  There are two key elements of strategic planning: Strategic plan (i.e., vacation plans); plan execution (i.e., itinerary). Communication and engagement are critical elements when implementing a strategic plan.  With focus and perseverance, strategic plans can become reality, particularly for organizations that synchronize their strategic plans with their plan execution, and engage their greatest assets—their people (i.e., travelers).

UNePlan, a UNeTech startup, developed a strategic plan execution management SaaS solution, to help organizations successfully implement their strategic plans. UNePlan provides real-time visibility to strategy progress with dynamic, on-demand reporting and dashboards for any unit, group and/or individual stakeholder. Organizations link their strategic plan and operational initiatives with the stakeholders to deliver results. Stakeholders can provide real-time initiative status and updates. Real-time notifications alert team members of important changes and notices. Gone are the emails or phone calls to solicit status updates. (Are we there yet?)

UNePlan helps to facilitate an organizational culture of strategic planning that is difficult to maintain in typical environments. Its flexible configuration capabilities adapts to nearly any type of strategic plan and organizational structure.

UNePlan was developed by the University Nebraska Medical Center and is used by used UNMC, UNO, and other commercial businesses.

To learn more, click on UNeTech registration.

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