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A Scientific Breakthrough that Assesses Heart Health: A home blood test that gives you a comprehensive report on risk factors.

If you gave your doctor a robust report detailing your personal risk of a heart attack, and he/she adjusted your treatment, wouldn’t you feel better about your future? Even though low cholesterol exists What if you gave your doctor a full report on your heart attack risks? And get better care.
DoubleCheck is a new at home blood test providing a double-check for your heart health. Using new technology to holistically assess your risk of a heart attack, now you too can better understand your personal risk before going to see the doctor. With just a single drop of blood you get a combined analysis of your unique risk: using both existing the current standard of care and innovative new technology.

We Need Your Help! A Quick Survey

As the product is still in development, we would like your help to gather some additional research, just to validate the need, and learn some additional insights to support or pivot our model.  By completing the survey, you are contributing to the potential welfare of adults who may be at risk, with a better, more complete treatment plan than they have now.

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More About DoubleCheck

Your risk of heart attack is not just your cholesterol level – it’s also a factor of how your body responds to the plaques that grow in your arteries. Newly invented technology measures both your serum cholesterol as well as your body’s reaction to it. The result is a holistic picture of your individual risk that you, or your doctor, can consider when deciding how best to manage your disease.