UNeMed to Host Tech Transfer Boot Camp in August
June 24, 2021

When I spoke with Catherine Murari-Kanti, PhD, about her experience with UNeMed’s Technology Transfer Boot Camp I could hear the smile in her voice. Catherine told me she started out as a participant in the program in summer 2015. And now, six years later, she is responsible for organizing the entire Boot Camp process, from start to finish.

“Yes,” she told me. “That is a little surreal, isn’t it?” Murari-Kanti is a Licensing Specialist at UNeMed Corporation now, and managing Boot Camp is one of her job duties. The Boot Camp, she said, aligns with UNeMed’s educational mission in providing an opportunity for growth and learning and fostering a culture of innovation at UNMC.

Anyone within the University of Nebraska system can participate in the week-long exercise of understanding and learning the different aspects of commercializing science.

The topics covered during the Boot Camp include:

  • Invention evaluation
  • Intellectual property law
  • Marketing and commercialization
  • Contract negotiation

The 2021 Technology Transfer Boot Camp is scheduled to return as an in-person event on Aug. 16-20 from 8am to 2pm, UNeMed announced recently.

According to a press release from UNeMed, “Tech Transfer Boot Camp aims at scientists and students interested in what it takes to commercialize a new invention or discovery. The week-long event can also jump-start an alternate career in science as a technology transfer professional.”

Murari-Kanti said the Boot Camp certainly did this for her own career. “The Boot Camp was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to learn, grow and seek out opportunities to work in a technology transfer office,” Murari-Kanti said of her own experience in 2015. “I applied and was interviewed for internships at other technology transfer offices. Most of my interviewers were surprised with the tech transfer knowledge I had during the interview.”

Murari-Kanti said the week is set-up to allow participants to listen to presentations, work in teams and collaborate with peers in facilitated projects. “I like to describe it as a five-day snapshot of what it’s like to work in tech transfer,” Murari-Kanti said. “It should take months to teach everything we do at Boot Camp, but we squeeze it into just five days.”

Applications are open through Friday, July 30, and will be reviewed in the order they are received until all spaces are filled.

Interested candidates can apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf5j7HSF6qfRnqS6VUlp1L5QvrcXIM1asPq36fxlnGp1mkrAQ/viewform?usp=sf_link.

More information about the application process and requirements can be found at https://www.unemed.com/about-us/join-our-team#bootcamp.

Questions regarding the Boot Camp can be directed to Catherine Murari-Kanti, Ph.D.



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